Goth Scout Comic Strips


The Goth Scouts ran for a long time in the sort of monthly Great South Bay Magazine which was a real estate supplement for Fire Island. Comic page editor Bill Crouch was active in the Girl Scouts and really liked the idea of Goth Scouts. He was constantly coming up with new ideas for merit badges and adventures, most of which I simply ignored. Alas, Bill died in 2011. I continued with the magazine for a while longer, but in the end, I walked away. I did way more cartoons than I needed. I was vanely thinking that I might be able to sell them to the syndicates. One of the reasons the style on the strip changes is that I was desperate to tailor them to what I thought the syndicates might want. There really aren’t any all girl strips out there in syndication. Bill and I often talked about how cool the dolls of the Goth Scouts would look.

The problem with strips is that after you work on them, there is not market like the market for one panel gags. But you know, it doesn’t matter. I look back at some of the gags, and they are pretty darn funny. Plus, the girls are kind of cute.

Elena September 17,2015