The Heino Opera

The Heino opera was written with my daughter, Lydia, in mind.  She is a hot shot opera director based in Berlin.
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At the time I created this comic strip opera, Lydia was dating a very nice man, a basso, an opera singer, a really hip guy who taught me the rudiments of seventies schlager music.  Chief among all Schlagers, the German Elvis (Or maybe Elvis is the American Heino) is Heino.  This opera is based on the tabloid version of his life’s story.  He is so German, we in the U.S. have by and large never heard of him.   In Germany, however, he has commanded hugs crowds.  In my strip, I even have women throwing underwear at him, well, not underwear but Depends because his fans tend to be elderly at this point.  Every so often, he comes out with a video where he sings with current rock and roll stars.
I also bring in Eurovision into the strip.  I was in Vienna this past year at the same time as the Eurovision finals.  All of  Vienna was going nuts over the show.  It’s the music version of the World Cup.   I was in the hotel watching TV with the Finnish roadie whose band didn’t make it into the finals.   His commentary was priceless.   Oddly, most of the singing is in English.
I posted this series on a German Cartoon site.  It was very insightful getting comments from people in Germany.  I discovered that the sort of Elvis worship that gives us a tongue in cheek attitude toward pop culture doesn’t translate so well.  But people liked the strip, and my other Heino strips collectively know as The Lord of the Shunkel.
If you’d like to see the Heino Opera strips individually here’s a link for you: [p2p type=”slug” value=”the-heino-opera”][/p2p]