Lord of the Schunkel

The Lord of the Schunkel series of comic strips pays tribute to a little known outside of Germany tradition of swaying back and forth with other schunkelers, beer stein in hand.
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My daughter Lydia, a hot shot opera director based in Berlin, along with her boyfriend at the time, had once upon a time come up with the hilarious concept of a troupe of schunkelers.  This troupe would be billed much as the famous Irish Riverdance with their Lord of the Dance, but with the title Lord of the Schunkel.   I thought it would make an appropriate addition to the Goth Scout adventures.   I brought in the wicked witch from the Brothers Grimm and that other German icon, Heino.   Unknown in the U.S., Heino is about the biggest singing sensation to ever make it to the top in Germany.  I put the Goth Scouts in little Bavarian Dirdls and let them go to camp.   The result is The Lord of the Schunkel, also known as Camp Heino.
One of my favorite sequences happens in this series.   For whatever reason, I brought a frog into the strip.  I had so much fun with this frog, that I put him into a later series, the Zombie Kid series.
Here is a link to a gallery of all the Lord of the Schunkel strip if you’d like to see each strip individually: [p2p type=”slug” value=”camp-heino”][/p2p]