The Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

On January 7, 2015,  the office of the satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, was the site of a massacre.  Among the dead were a number of French cartoonists.  I own an original cartoon by one of them, Cabu.   I got it for ten dollars at a cartoon auction.

The killers, in masks, on the streets, stopped a woman with a kid and demanded she give them the code to the office.  You would think a woman with a kid is on her way to work, too, right?   They ran up to the office with their guns, calling out the names of the intended victims.  Sure.  That’s what terrorists do.  Too bad drones can’t do that before a targeted killing.   And they made their getaway after first taking a few extra minutes to execute a cop.

As these things usually go, they pinned the crime on a couple of Muslims.  Charlie Hebdo had been publishing satirical drawings of the prophet, about as easy a way of guaranteeing a terrorist attack as you can get.   Like that wasn’t enough, one of the killers’ buddies took over a kosher restaurant a bit later and killed a few more people.   With police finding the license of one of the guys in the getaway car, you’d think the chief investigator had the easiest case of his life fall in his lap, but he committed suicide shortly after getting the case.  And things got stranger.

Suffice it to say, that I have my doubts about this case.


I did three cartoons to honor these poor cartoonists, taken out by killers so publicly. You can see them here: [p2p type=”slug” value=”political-cartoon-a1″][/p2p]