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Cartooning is fun.

It is Simple, Clean and Responsive.

A Few Random Comments from the Author...

Crazy Mama

You have to be more than a little crazy to want to be a cartoonist. My family never quite understood why I was drawing these pictures but it didn't matter. I started by doing political cartoons for the local newspaper and then morphed into several comic books and lots of comic strips. Inevitably, the political crept into the comics and the strips, and conversely, the strips crept into the political work.

What? Me Worry?

I went into cartooning knowing I can draw but without any much of any kind of training. Eventually, I learned Photoshop on my own, and figured out how to pound out a decent looking picture. I think it goes to show you, that if you put your mind to something, you can actually do it!

Cartooning Class

For the last thirteen years, I've been teaching cartooning to kids at the West Hartford Art League. It's fun to be able to share all the excitement I feel about cartooning with young folk. I view my students as future superstars. Plus, it's rare that I find adults who get jazzed by ideas like Minecraft versus Pokemon in Outer Space.

Vladu the Vampire

The character who has been with me the longest is Vladu. I invented him after seeing a movie called Subspecies 2. Basically, the movie was about an aristocratic family in dysfunctional collapse, not in small part due to the fact that the two kids in the family were vampires. It's about obsession and love and it seemed just the kind of thing that might work in a comic book.